mounted guns in hl2dm?I

I was wondering if it was possible to make a mounted turret (the one in half life 2) that you can control. i have tried the turret tutorials in the hammer wiki and in, but both didn’t work. I have a bad feeling, but i want to ask anyway.

I remember trying something like this many years ago. I could get the mounted guns to work right if they were in a hl2 map but as soon as I tried them in deathmatch they stopped working. I can’t remember why though.

=( this makes me sad…i mounted a gun to this broken window point out of a train…it looks so cool…but i guess it wont do…i did get it to wok once, but it just looked like i was shooting anything, and i could turn around fully, and the turret had a seizure. of course i modified it to try to make it work better, and it messed up fully =/

Not sure about the ones in Half-Life 2, although there’s this

A bad feeling? No one is going to get mad at you
I think you can. Redo the tutorials. I read the one on halfwit and it worked for me in ep2 SP.

-_- so tempted…i think ill just do that for fun, see if it works XD


yeah it thought it might work for hl2mp anyway, but it didnt very well

How so? Show us.

I think you mean this, right?

Hope it works out. :slight_smile:

i tried to make my own, didn;t work, and i used the halfwit 2 and the hammer wiki vmf’s just to see if it did anything, but i never did anyway =’(

Try this.

Read the thread before posting.

The editlife tutorial should work. I tried it in 05 and the mapstill works today (for DM). Don’t mind the clutter…