Mounting a GCF-based game (Dystopia) in GMod

I have the Dystopia Spawnlist Addon for Gmod, and I was wondering if it was still supported. The Addon is:

It doesn’t appear that the dystopia GCF even mounted. I just need Gmod to pull any models/textures it can from the Dystopia GCF. I’m not all that concerned with Spawnlists ATM. Can someone who is good at making GCF-mounting addons give me a hand?

PS: by meaning it “pulls” mats/models, I want them to show up in the “browse” menu.

Use GM_Mount, it allows steam supported sourcemods to be mounted in the main menu.

Ah, that was it. I had seen it in some other thread, but I couldn’t remember the link, or the name.