Mounting Addon...Downloading...Failed to download!

Hello all, recently i set up a gmod server (for the third time), and im having some issues with workshop addons.
I have done the auth key + collection with 5 addons and it works fine, but it seems that 2 of these addons dont work, they are all from the same creator and the two are actually the smallest of the 5. The error is as follows:

Mounting Addon ‘FA:S 2.0 Alpha SWEPs - Rifles’ (181656972)
Download Failed!

It then proceeds to successfully mount the other 3 then finishes with the last one failing as well. I tried to change up the order but that did nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Because there is a 64mb limit on workshop when downloading to servers, extract it and stick it on your server that way.

Another workaround to this besides extracting the GMA file is to rename the file to “ds_ID code.gma” for example with FA:S 2 Rifles: “ds_181656972.gma”

A total of 64mb or 64mb cap per item?
The two failures are like 4mbs each

That is compiled, but they are bigger than 64mb not compiled.

I got the base fas2 swep pack and that’s 63 compiled, strange

I would gmad extract the weapons. And bzip2 them yourself.