Mounting and srcds

I’ve set up a working scrds for garry’s mod, but then when I wanted to add cstrike content I used GCFScape and imported it all to srcds/orangebox/ but it’s still all “ERROR”.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to mount cstrike without GCFScape (for srcds) or if there’s something I’m missing.


The only thing my SRCDS is mounting is HL2… but I have all the content of CS:S, Tf2, Hl2 EP2, HL2 EP1, DOD, Lost Coast, and Portal. None of them work.

are you adding cstike in the orangebox folder “C:\SRCDS\orangebox\cstrike”

use the HLDS update tool and for the -game … put “CounterStrike-Source” for Cstrike:S or “dods” for DOD:S || More info: