Mounting CSS to Gmod TTT server

Hi all, I am currently having problems with mounting CSS to my TTT server, i know how to do it and all, but no matter what i try, i can never get the cstrike folder, i was using srcds hldsupdatetool to get it, but it just said it has reached the end of it’s life.
If anyone could put a dropbox link to the cstrike folder or something like that it’d be much appreciated!

Oh please.
Have you ever tried searching for information yourself?

hldsupdatetool was deprecated like a year ago.

And to use the config file do i run the sever? of does it do it all by itself

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And also how do i get that file? Will it automatically download it? or do i need to download it using steamcmd?

Jin, as Robotboy said. HLDSUpdateTool was deprecated a year ago or so. No one uses it anymore.