Mounting Gamemode

Hi facepunch!

             I need some help with mounting my gamemode to my server. I have made a a little gamemode that i would like to start on, on my dedicated server. I put my gamemode into my gamemodes folder and it doesent find it. Any help?


Everytime i put

+Gamemode Navy

it says

Gamemode 'Navy' not found

+gamemode navy

Make sure your folder name is actually called “navy”, all lowercase letters everywhere.
Make sure your gamemode has navy.txt with appropriate contents.

Do you mean in the beginning of the folder where it shows the “Info.txt”? and would it contain

	"name"		"Navy"
	"version"	"1.0"
	"author_name"	"-0-"
	"author_email"	"-0-"
	"author_url"	""
	"icon"		""
	"info"		"Pwn everyone!"
	"hide"		""