Mounting GCF Mods

Is there any easy way of mounting GCF Mods (Smashball, DIPRIP, Insurgency, etc) on GMOD just like the other games and the Zeno Clash model pack without the need of extracting the models from the games?
I remember using a tool called gm_mount long ago, but it sucked cuz’ it didn’t even work and made the game crash. Please tell me any solution

Somewhere in the same section as gm_mount, there is one by SteveUK. All you would have to do is edit 1 Lua file and you could mount everything. Or I could upload my version…

please tell me where it is, don’t have time to search right now

There should be a link in here:

Perfect! Thanks!
Oh wait… SteveUK’s website doesn’t work. Do you have any mirror? There.

Works! Thanks!