Mounting HL2:DM breaks combine animations

Hi, this happens to only the combine soldiers whenever I activate HL2:DM in gmod:

The AI is on, and they’re not set to ignore me. To fix this I have to delete the garrysmod folder in my steamapps directory.
I’ve played HL2:DM at least once as with all other games I activated in gmod.
Does this happen to any one else, and is there a way to fix it?
Or is it too deep for a simple fix?

Thanks guys

Oh and I verified the cache files for ALL of the games and reinstalled HL2:DM several times. No luck.

SteamPipe trouble. If I were you, I’d wait a week and see if this’ll be solved

Gmod literally just converted to steampipe.
Expect some problems :v:

This has been fixed in the next update, where all anims up to Episode Two will be available (even if you don’t own it)