Mounting Issues

For a while now, I notice I’ve been having a problem mounting certain games. Some of them mount fine, L4D2, CS:S, CS:GO, TF2, etc, but others seem to have issues of some sort that I haven’t been able to figure out.

L4D mounting works, mostly, but some models spawn invisible, such as certain props, zombies, and vehicles. The survivors spawn normally, as do any props that have a L4D2 version.
Episode 1 and 2 mounting doesn’t seem to work at all. Expanding and collapsing the game files for either Episode yields nothing, and any maps that use Episode models or textures usually spawn with errors of some sort.

I have tried reinstalling the game and all my addons twice, and that yielded no results. Adding in the models to my GMod folder manually seems to work sometimes, but on other occasions messed with it so badly I needed to reinstall it.
Can someone help me with this?

L4D content has known to be partially broken. As for Episode 1 and 2, are they in steamapps/common/Half-Life 2 or in steamapps/(username) ?

There’s folders present for both games in both folders, but I think that’s mainly just files that allow the game to start up. All the maps and models and such are present in .gcf files in the SteamApps folder.

Can you check if you are on the Steampipe betas for those games?

Steam’s telling me that I’m not in any beta programs for either game.

Right click on episode 1/2 --> Properties --> betas

I did already for both, it’s giving me a “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs”.

Launch the games again. Verify game cache integrity of those games.

Okay, I just verified the cache for EP2, and it’s apparently telling me that it still needed to update to the new efficient format, although I thought I had already done that. I’ll let it do that and see if it changes anything.

I think that worked, actually. Thanks.