Mounting other games onto s&box?

Ive seen a bit of discussion yet i don’t have a clear answer on this subject, will it be possible to mount games onto s&box? if so, will it just be other source 2 games? and if not, will it be possible through content packs on the workshop like gmod?

I think Garry mentioned it once, saying that he would prefer people not to have to buy games to join servers, so if you required models you should have them available in a content pack. That’s all I know, not sure if he mentioned the possibility of letting people upload game content on the workshop, maybe Valve is fine with that since I know there are a lot of addons that do it already.


I’ve seen garry mentioning that they don’t want to support game mounting, because joining a server and having to download (or buy) an entire game just to see some models is shitty.

OTOH considering the much improved tooling around Source 2 it’ll probably be much easier to port models from other games.

If they haven’t discarded the idea of being able to write custom model loaders, then you might be able to avoid having to port models altogether. Just ship them in their native format and voila.

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while i agree that buying an entire game just for a server is a bit shitty, it would prevent animators from animating with content from other games, therefore i think it would make sense to only block it for servers instead of the game as a whole. (i mean, gmod artwork is the background of gmod so not allowing something like it in the sequel would be pretty weird)

Good point, but I also think that sandbox-style games have mostly been superseded by other (and better) tools for animation. Blender, SFM, you name it. They’re a tad harder to use, but the demand for easy animation in GMod has withered.

If porting models is easier you could just port whatever models you need yourself, without having to mount the game in the first place.

The main advantage of mounting game content we have in GMod is that you no longer rely on porting completely foreign assets anymore. People have actually had problems regarding copyright and DMCA takedown notices for distributing content from other games in their addons. NeuroTec is an example I still remember, Bohemia Interactive actually striked them for featuring 3D assets from Arma 3.
So when you use mounted content, you should be safe in that regard, as you already own the content legally if you are able to mount it.

Of course this means that you now have to own a bunch of other games just to be able to properly see things in-game. Buying a game not to play it, but to have its content in a different game is simply odd. Though if you were to remove this mechanic, you would make the game rely entirely on imported content. And if you make the entire game’s identity depend on ported content, then eventually some huge lawyer would find out about this game and absolutely bomb it for reasons like “Promoting copyright infringement”. This would be an extreme case, but not really unplausible either.

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