mounting problems

long story short, let someone use my steam account and it got stolen, had to buy a new one, new one has gmod tf2 and dods, i cannot afford to buy all the other games i had before, so what im wondering is how do i get my css and hl2 mounted on gmod, they are still on my pc from my previous steam account, i know there is a way to do this, it doesnt seem like i can figure it out though, im sick of seeing purple and black textures on some maps that never saw there with the old account.

ive tried this but it dindt work =\

Can’t you just contact steam with payment info and such to get your account back?

nope got it all free with my graphics card, only bought gmod. i think i fixed it anyways. just been adding textures manually.

You cannot use models and materials from other accounts, it’s technically Warez and Gmod won’t mount them. Just contact steam and give them the reciept / details for the Gmod purchase, and they can easily return your account.