Mounting Source Games Into Garrysmod

I’m looking to mount Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodline content into Garrysmod. I feel copying all the models into my addons folder would be a waste of space, so I would like to know how garry tells garrysmod to mount games like Zeno Clash or Portal, which only have their models, materials, and maps in Gmod, but none of their respective game’s programing. I tried skimming the web, but all i could turn up was this, which apparently doesn’t work. I also took a look through Gmod’s .gcf file, but I (with my lack of programing knowledge) couldn’t find a file that I could modify to mount the game.
So, in short, is there a file i could just drop into my garrysmod folder that basicly says “Hey! Look in this games .gcf files!”?

garrysmod doesnt list all source games i dont think so you will need to explicitly ask garry to enable it ro be mounted.

iv never head of ‘The Masquerade’ and im pretty sure valve havent released anything with that title on the source engine so therefore its not actually a source game anyway.

I’m aware garrysmod doesn’t have all source engine games automaticly mountable, thats why I’m asking.

Believe it or not, Valve actually lets other companies use their source engine. For example, Zeno Clash was made by ACE Team with the source engine and all its interchangable goodness.

ye i know.

also you dont need to quote me…my post is right above yours and these no other posts

Sorry, force of habit.

So is there a file somewhere that tells gmod what to look for for mounting? I know the addon folder has spawnlist for certain games, but they still require you to mount a specific game (as indicated by a .gcf number?).

all the mounting is done via C++ and compiled so you would need to decompile the libraries and add in your own which is a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

for now id just copy all the content and make it into an addon

Okay, thanks for the help.