Mounting TF2

Is it possible to mount TF2 to Garrys Mod without installing the entire game?

Why wouldn’t you?
You would get everything and its free.

Maybe I don’t want 4 GB of a game I don’t play?

10 GB*

I would be happy if I dont need to revalidate all tf2 files everytime I start steam. Pink black checkerboards and errors everywhere because Garrys Mod cant mount tf2. Not garrys fault, but valves.
What puzzles me most: This is a common issue which happens all the time and valve does not seem to care. The solutions posted in many threads are either ineffective (reinstalling steam, defragmenting / reinstalling TF2) or ridiculous (your hard drive is broken, buy a new one)
btw for me, team fortress sizes 9 GB , I wonder how you can only have 4 GB.

I was just guessing on the size.

GMod Tower requires TF2 and HL2EP2 mounted, and it has a ton of players, so there’s obviously a way to get it working.