Mounting Without Installing

Hi Guys

I have another request.

Please could you make it so I can mount my BOUGHT steam games such as portal, half life episodes etc, CSS stuff and all the other mounting stuff without installing. Look people, you all may be millionares, but im no, so I cannot buy large hard drives in which to install all the games for gmod mounting.

So yeah, please do this. It was done in gmod 12, im not sure why it wasnt carried on to gmod 13.


You can’t have the content and also not have it on your hard drive.

Either GMod + Ep1 + Ep2 + CS:S + etc is 50 GB total or GMod itself is 50 GB total (with everything already included). There’s no magical way to avoid that, the content just has to exist SOMEWHERE on disk.

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A 1TB HDD ranges from $70 ~ $100 by the way, so even a non-millionaire like yourself could afford it.

Ok, well, cost isnt really a problem. Its just I dont want to be bothered with installing it into my laptop yet.
The point it, it that in the last gmod version, I could have the textures and gmod-using stuff mounted, without having the total game installed.
I just want to be able to have that again.

How large is your laptops HDD right now? If you have the games downloaded already when you mount them it’s not going to take up more space.
So I mean if you already bought the games you obvious intended on downloading and play them right? So it should be no problem.

Looks, yeah. I play them, then I uninstall them to make room for the next game im gonna play.

I suppose nevermind, ill get a new computer soon anyway.