Mouse Aim Turret?

I am wondering if anyone has any useful text-based tutorials for making a mouse aimed turret? since i absolutely suck at wire, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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@name Mouse Aim Turret
@inputs Mul
@outputs Eye:vector
@ persist

runOnTick(1) #Executes the chip every game tick.
Eye = entity():owner():eye() * 100 #entity() gets the expression 2. entity():owner() gets the expression 2's owner, you. entity():owner():eye() gets the eye vector of your player.

Place a vector thruster with a force of -10000 on the front of a pole. Ballsocket the back of the pole to a barrel or something to serve as a base. Spawn the expression 2. Wire Mul on the vector thruster to a numpad input or button. Wire the vector thruster’s vector input to the Expression 2’s Eye [VECTOR] output. Place a weapon on the front of the pole, and press the button or input. It should work.

**I haven’t debugged the expression for careless errors yet, so keep that in mind.

Don’t listen to this, using a vector thruster is foolish at best.

i said text based you idiot…

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You already have a mouse-aim turret.

It’s called an SMG. :fuckyou:

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Now, you might wanna also use a keep-upright and a wire thruster with a force of twice the amount of one thruster to balance it.