Mouse aimed turrent from a seat, many specifics :p

Um ok, i made a harrier craft to look somewhat like the one from MW2, and it flies right, except now i am trying to install a machine gun to the bottom that shoots at whereever my mouse is aimed in terms of the exact same bearing that my mouse has.

I dont mean aim at xyz of whatever my crosshair is at, but rather the gun have the same bearing from the front of the plane as i have in the seat from the front of the plane such that when i press fire it will have some versimilitude to the shooting at hand.

I have googled it, but most of the models glitch when i attach them to the bottom of the harrier and are far too big.

Is there anyway to do it with a ballsocket and a vector thruster?



Harriers’ don’t have an undermounted rotating gun

TURR-ET. Not TURR-ENT. I HATE when people do that. Anyways, what Balto said.

Eye Angles? wire does have a eye angles tool! And moreover, how can i make the angle of the gun replicate those angles whilst rotating around a single point for my turr-ent.


Wire doesn’t have an eye angles tool. This is going to take a sound bit of e2

kybalt, that avatar is awesome

e2? awh, crap!
I just got this game a few days ago so i dont really have a clue how to get the syntax right on e2 let alone wire a machine gun to it!

Help Links PLease!

Don’t expect to get anywhere quickly. Such turrets, auto or mouse, are entirely e2 save mabye an entity marker (aside from the turrets props of course.)

Whats an entity marker :slight_smile:

Any know any good phx3/wire build servers WITHOUT RP?

what are you-- who has a Build + RP, (other then a RP Build) there is about 3000000 of them

I’ve done this many times before, just with gates. Just ball socket a bar to where you want it, no collide it, and put a GPS and vector thuster on it. Subtract your sight vector from the gps and wire the vector thruster to it.