Mouse aimed turrets.

I sort of want to get away from using the numpad for everything, since that makes it difficult to make tanks or turreted vehicles. So Ive been searching for a good tutorial on how to make a mouse aimed turret (Since I really have no clue how do do advanced with, IE, expressions) and I really haven’t been able to find any that aren’t horribly outdated.

I know this can be done easily using E2, but I have basically no experience with that sort of wire. So in the least-moochy way possible I ask:

Does anyone have an E2, or standard Expression for mouse-aiming that they would be willing to allow me to use? Ill be sure to give credit where it is due in all of the contraptions I use it for. It could be giving it to me in-game, or right here on the forums in code (I know how to input lines into an expression and whatnot)

Thanks in advance for any help.

hmmm…some guy released some mouseaimed turrets that karbine made on a little while back. you might be able to download those, remove everything but the expression chip and dup those. but if you release any dups, you would probably want to give creds to karbine.

ummm karbine uses generics expression

aaah nevermind then.

and they suck and are super fucking outdated

hai guys just message me sometime and ill give you one

Just have a look at some of those wire tutorials mate. If you follow them right they should be pretty easy to pick up.


Then make a new one big man…

What if he doesnt want to release it? Make your own one fgt.


I uz camcontroolarz und kooerdinut turretz.

(English: I use camcontrollers (to get XYZ) and coordinate-facing turrets)

Not to toot my own horn but…

3 part tutorial by me at the bottom.


Pointless much.

I use a Sestze for all my mouse aimed turret needs.

same here

just wire the a value of a subtract to a beacon sensor’s bearing wired to an advanced pod controller
and the b value to a speedometers yaw velocity