Mouse breaks

So I am running rust on a Mac and my mouse keeps breaking. Anyone else having this issue? It’s really annoying

We all have our rage moments. Either buy a heavier duty mouse or try not to keep smashing your current ones. I’ve had my mouse for over 4 years and its still working great. I suggest a good Logitech, Cyborg, or Razr.

Hope this helps.


did you check if the touchpad works when the mouse doesn’t?

If the touchpad doesn’t work either, then it’s a problem of Rust.

Hmm ok yah my touch pad works and the mouse will click things but I can’t look around

Could be your battery is low

I am telling you it’s not my mouse. While in game works for a little while then I can’t look around. I can click the attack button though. Then I hit escape which brings up server lists and the mouse works fine. Go back in game and can’t look around. Then I dc and reconnect thing works fine for a shorter time.

Found this searching for your problem

Hi, there!
If you’re using Unity3D 4.5 or later version, you are going to experience problems with mouse input in built games for Mac OS X, due to a bug in Unity3D concerning mouse events - MouseUp and MouseDown events as reported by Event.current are received twice each (!) per single mouse-click instead of only once as it used to be in Unity3D 4.3 and its previous versions. Unfortunately, this bug affects CoherentUI, too. We have reported the bug to Unity and we are going to update this topic as soon as the bug appears in Unity’s Issue Tracker, so that you can vote for it, and hopefully we’ll all see this bug fixed! :slight_smile:

Unity have confirmed this bug! Here’s the issue on their issue tracker, where you can vote for it to get fixed soon :slight_smile: .

**This may have been fixed, as I believe Garry is using Unity 5 now, as this article was based on Unity 4.3. Just figured I’d throw it out there, as there WERE known issues with macs.

Cool thanks. I am sure they will fix it eventually.