Mouse Buttons 4 & 5

Almost all games support Mouse Buttons 4 & 5 so why Rust not ?

presume it’s related to EAC not supporting keybind software.

techniqually that isn’t keybind software, that’s just… normal buttons. Mouse 4 and 5 are “Back and forward”, so they’re as normal as “Mouse 3” or “Middle mouse” etc. Any mouse with 5 buttons has it.

that mouse in particular doesn’t use any software.

i guess what i mean is that since not every mouse natively has 4 and 5, that it’s not enabled by default in rust and the software has to make up the difference.

don’t know, EAC would have a better idea on the actual workings here:)

I have a logitech G5 and would love to be able to use M4 and M5 but i guess it’s not really that big of a deal considering there aren’t that many key bindings for rust in the first place.

I got the same mouse and I use one of the thumb buttons for reload and one for voicechat in almost all shooter games.

Edit: If rust/eac really has a problem with a couple more mouse buttons I guess I’m a cheater cuz am using a merc stealth keyboard.