Mouse Buttons Problems

Hi , actually i am new into Rust Alpha (Experimental) and a problem i had , and not only on rust is , most of games you need to aim with Right Mouse button (M2) and shoot with the left mouse button ( M1 ) … the problem is , when i hold my M2 it aims but when i try to shoot at the same time it just cancel both actions so … most game have a “Hold” or " Click" thing related to aim but rust dont … is there anything i can do to solve it ? Otherwise i just need to keep doing it until the actions randomly gets accepted and done …

that might be an issue with the most recent update.

but make sure your mouse is inserted fully, that the only help i can offer, hope you find a way to fix it

or bind the secondary to another key. i have it bound to q instead because i use a touchpad;)

Hmm , this may sound dumb but … how to i rebind a key ?

nah, not dumb. when you open the game, do it through the menu that allows you to change your graphics level and screen resolution. up the top where there is the graphics/input tabs, go to input. from there you can figure it out i’m sure;)

Oh … thanks … i didn’t noticed the button there … was busy hearong shoot near my default spawn XD