Mouse controlled UFO

I was building with a friend today on my server and him being good at wire built a cool airplane to fight with. I used to know some wire but forgot it. I built a pretty cool UFO to fight him with using Gcombat. My UFO is controlled with an ADV pod controller and wire thrusters, I was wondering if anyone knew or could help me make it so that it is all mouse controlled. Kind of like no clipping, but inside a sweet UFO. Any ideas?

There is this tool called a Wire Facer. Try that.

that just might work, I just don’t know how to use it.

If u have spacebuild use and adv. gyro pod.

Line it up wit the vehical and link, then link a adv. pod controler to the same vehical, wire the gyorpod’s activate input to a toggled input(a button), then wire the controls of the gyropod(up down left right etc.) to the commands in the adv. pod controler.

if u dont wire pitch roll or yaw of the gyropod to the pod control it will all be controled by the mouse