Mouse-Controlled Yaw

I want to make an A-10. I’m going to use W A S D for Pitch and Roll, but I want to use the mouse for yaw. Is it possible to do without E2? If not, can someone help me with a code for that?

Eye pod in Wire I/O outputs you X and Y of you mouse, if cumulative is unchecked then you can just wire it to thruster.

So what should I have for min and max?

And how do I wire it?

Try with 1x4 PHX plate, axis it with some friction and put thruster on it.
Try adjusting thrust power min -10000, max 10000 and try different multipliers, 10-1000.

Gah, when I tried wiring it, the screen will shake violently.

What you mean? What exactly happened?
And did you linked it right-clicking on pod?

Yeah I linked it. This is exactly what I did
Enable -> Active (on advanced Pod controller)
Thrusters -> X on Eye Pod
SetPitch -> X on APC
SetYaw -> Y on APC

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And then the screen begins to shake, I’m permanately looking down while the whole world is spinning and shaking.

Do not wire SetPitch/Yaw unless you want eyepod to set it, you can wire it to 0 if you want to keep player looking straight. (I am not sure is there is checkbox for that)

Hmm, I can hear the thrusters but the plane isn’t moving…

Make thrust multiplier and/or max/min thrust higher/lower bigger.

Okay, I got it working, but apparently it’s pitching instead of yawing.

Substitute Y for X.

Okay, I got it working, thanks