Mouse feeling weird?

Hey guys, I have a problem that results in that i can’t trust aiming in this game, it feels like the mouse movement isn’t smooth or its accel or something. Got no accel on i windows settings. I use zowie am and it works great with any other game. Might just be because early alpha and browser game. Help me out!

I used to play CS on a top level and i can tell you i feel the same problem.
It’s accel for sure, just hope they get an option to remove it so the game feel’s smoother…!


As you stated, it’s an early alpha so that might be the problem. I feel the same problem too. Kinda anoying but, we have to deal with it till it’s fixed.

This is the only reason I avoid PvP. I play on PvP but don’t tend to shoot at other players unless I feel threatened haha

i play top level tf2 and it surely eats me alive that i can’t trust the aim

yeah, feels like there is small mouse acceleration and there is also a slight input delay which makes the movement and aiming feel pretty jerky

That might be it from being a browser game currently, not postive though.

just a bump for something that fixed it for me, i used the guide in how to boost performance [64bit] and it helped me loads :slight_smile:

I feel the same. It’s like a kind of delay on the mouse input.

So its not just me feeling the aiming was a bit off, thought I had suddenly gotten terrible at fps games :confused: