Mouse hold simulator?

Every time I return after a new patch. (I dont play much anymore, because its pretty much the same every time)

Spawn in.

Oh, hey sexy rock!

Observe the slightly improved terrain.

Are there any naked garrys running towards me?

No? Then look for some trees, or planks.

At this point Rust game play kicks in.

If you want to build a remotely safe base.

Spend your next tree(pun intended) hours holding your mouse 1, at either, a rock or a tree.

***I am not asking for faster progression. But a more fun, engaging and way of game play at the early stage of Rust.

Put away your white suit and ask yourself.

Do you have FUN holding your mouse 1 down at a tree? Or a rock?

it’s like the best part of the game dude what are you talking about

would you like to have a hand saw where you move your mouse up and down in a stroking motion, yeah you’d like that

Get a group or a slave then make them hold mouse 1. /thread

Get a razor mouse and setup a macro for autofarm and another for autorun. Bam, Rust is now 4x less annoying.

What else were you going to use that finger for?