Mouse is not locking in on the game window

Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS x86_64
Kernel 5.11.0-051100-generic
Dual Monitors
AMD Ryzen 7 2700
AMD ATI Radeon RX 580
Garrys Mod x86_64

Please I just want to play Garry’s Mod.

When does this occur? If you have joined a server and it is happening then try F3 as that makes your mouse independent from the game.

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So it’s not just me! I came here to post about this!

I’ve tried hitting F3, Q, C, alt-tabbing, shift-tabbing, verifying my cache, and reinstalling Garry’s Mod.

What happens is my cursor/view will randomly lock while I’m playing TTT and I am unable to move my head. It will eventually after several minutes unlock, but at any time it can strike and it makes the game extremely frustrating. When I hit CTRL (while spectating) or open a menu I am able to move my cursor around. I am able to move my cursor around outside the game.

Please help, I have come back to TTT from a long time away and it makes me sad to suck so much. </3

I also tried installing my mouse’s custom firmware and drivers and that didn’t help either.

I haven’t fully tested this as a fix yet but steam released a client update today that fixes sensitivity randomly changing attributed to the in-game overlay. Seeing how the bug only happened for a minority of people, I think it might have been an interaction with the Discord overlay because I just recently started using it and have been heavily using both. While I haven’t fully confirmed the locking-up bug seems to have stopped.

In the future, try disabling Discord and Steam overlays.

I think this thread can be solved now.

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On Linux 64 bit Garry’s Mod it doesn’t have Steam overlay, Discord doesn’t seem to have a overlay on Linux either. It’s just not locking in the window.

I never pressed F3 I can still aim but it won’t lock in the Window.