Mouse is offset and steam keeps reinstalling DirectX

  1. My mouse is offset a slight amount, not so much that it’s absurd, but enough for me to have trouble selecting the right option.


  1. Steam keeps on reinstalling Micrososft DirectX Package Redistrutable. The installation circle is also offset, and steam either hangs or installs nothing and starts up Gmod.


I have Reshade installed and Gmod set to 1920-1080, which is just slightly bigger than my monitor screen.

How about you try to get rid of all of your 3rd party stuff like reshade and seeing if that fixes it.

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Also how about you don’t set your in game resolution to higher than your monitor can handle

That seems to fix the offsetting issue, thanks!

However, Microsoft still keeps installing DirectX

Does this look like a Microsoft Support website?

Apologies, Steam keeps installing DirectX

Hello, I am Bob from the official Microsoft Gold Support company. We are totally not some Indian scam tech support company.

Just kidding.

Anyway, have you actually checked if DirectX is actually installing? Also, which version is it installing? 9.5?