Mouse Issues in Experimental Branch on Linux.

With the new experimental branch finally starting to work in Linux it appears that a number of Linux users are experiencing issues with the mouse. Such as skipping, accelerating, etc. I thought it would be helpful to get a new topic going for this. I know I’ve seen at least a handful of people mention mouse problems in I suppose the question is if Garry and the guys are aware of this.

Anyone on linux NOT having these mouse issues?

Not sure you saw Xpanders post Gary, but 4.5 has a mouse fix for Linux.

This is of course assuming your not already using 4.5, waiting for 5.0 before upgrading, or this is a unrelated separate mouse issue altogether.

If I read the LOG correctly, they are using Unit 4.3.

We’re using 4.5

I played the experimental for about 2 hours yesterday and I didn’t notice any issues with the mouse.

I have no mouse problems.

I think the recent updates must have fixed the issues. I can confirm that I’m not experiencing the mouse issues anymore. Although I’m yet to check out todays updates. But I assume the mouse issues are resolved for now.

I am still having the same issues. move my mouse too fast and nothing happens. move it slower and i can look around. its tied to fps somehow. when i turn off the graphic options (occulsion, texture quality, all the options when you hit f2) i can actually move my mouse a lot faster. but i was still getting stuttering, but it was greatly improved. I wish i could just show garry himself lol. i suppose i could record a video. im gonna have to look up how to do that.

EDIT: Heres that video.

2nd EDIT: running linux mint 17 w/xfce - 331 nvidia drivers(gtx 650) - 8gb ram - intel i5 @ 3ghz - no compositing with the WM