Mouse Lag/Delay

I am able to run and play the game without any frame issues maxed out but for some reason my mouse has a delay in it when moving it around, anyone know why?

My drivers are up to date.
I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox, no difference.
I don’t receive mouse lag in any other games.

My specs are:
Intel Core i5 3210M Processor
6GB of RAM
GeForce GT 650M

Edit: Alright so I’d figure I’d bring this topic back up because I’ve solved my problem with the mouse lag and increased my FPS exponentially. Also, this may help other’s if they are getting poor FPS.

The above statement is wrong, I actually was getting poor frames. The main reason why my mouse was delayed was because I was getting poor frames and partly because of the browser I was using.

What I did was really simple and I was skeptical at first but it worked. It’s pretty simple, all I did was switch to the Opera web browser and ever since I’ve never had an issue with lag. Try it yourself if you are having the same issues as I.

Other options if this didn’t work would be to:

  • Update your drivers
  • Update your browser and the Unity Web Player
  • Defrag your hard drive
  • Wipe your hard drive
  • Uninstall unwanted apps
  • Use a program called CCleaner to do most of these

Just try reducing you resolution, worked for me. Also, as expected, you will receive a massive FPS increase. I don’t think it’s the specs either, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

It seems this is my only solution, I put the game in full screen in its lowest resolution. However, everything is really crammed together now and you can’t see the crafting tab. This isn’t playable for me. :confused:

This is still an issue for me, if anyone can think of a solution it’d be much appreciated!

Try using a resolution with atleast 540p

Trying it right now, will confirm once it stops crashing while trying to download stuff XD

EDIT: No dice, I tried lowering my resolution to the lowest in-game, and even my monitor’s resolution. I’ve tried fullscreen and windowed.

I guess my computer just can’t handle the game? Although frames aren’t the issue.

I just find this strange as I can run games such as Arma 2 (As poorly optimized as it is) without frame issues and mouse delay.

the first time i seen helk post n the rust sub forum on other than the bugs thread :dance:

We’re Canadian, it’s in our nature to help.

That really sucks.

I couldn’t imagine playing an FPS with mouse delay.

The 650M isn’t great, but it’s not terrible either. Are you able to mess with your mouse’s polling rate at all? Perhaps changing that could help, or maybe you’ve got mouse acceleration on and it’s interacting badly? Good luck Kermit.

Update in the original post

I can run the game reasonably well most of the time but occasionally I too suffer from mouse delays, for instance, when I am running if I try to move the mouse left or right to look around I sometimes end up spinning around or even running several feet forward before turning slightly.

Its annoying man, I know your pain.

Your computer specs should run this game with some ease. On CCleaner, check what boxes are ticked for your browser and make sure its clearing cache.

You could also check your graphics card settings to see if its forcing any settings so open up your geforce settings and find something like 3D settings and disable anything that’s being forced. If you have any slider bars set those to best performance also. There may be some other tabs that you could reduce settings in.

Finally if that doesn’t work it could be some browser plugins that’s slowing the game, so disable all plugins then try again.

Wouldn’t recommend it unless you know what you are doing, but some newer gcards come with overclocking built into the settings, if so try rising it just a little bit and try the game to see if that works.

Ignore me, Seems his fixed the issue!

Yes sir, your information might help someone else though so thank you for posting