Mouse Messed Up In-Game - Windowed Mode Changes Resolution Settings (After Ladder Patch)

This Is After The Ladder Patch
My mouse courser is in the wrong position in-game and it becomes the a default computer courser not the Rust one, also the mouse is hovering over an item in my inventory and when I click it highlights a empty space 2.5 blocks along to the right. The shown placement is really messed up. I found a fix for this which was going into windowed mode but then my resolution settings are changed back to the highest (1920 x 1080) and then I practically can’t play because of such low FPS. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

i had same problem with mouse and putting -force-d3d9 in rust launch options in steam fixed it and fixed graphics being dark. Kinda stupid had to do that at all, but hey it worked for me at least.

Ok, thank you very much I will give it a shot.

Yes! It worked! Resolved. Thanks