mouse not working once in-game

This just started for me, I start up gmod, and everything’s fine up until i load a map. Now I can’t look around witht he mouse. The mouse buttons still work fine, it’s just the actual up-down-left-right movement that’s not registering.

Has anyone encountered this before? does anyone knoe how to fix it?

There might be various of reasons why your mouse is not responding. But as far as I know the mouse COMPLETELY won’t move but yet Buttons 1/2/3 still will respond only when cl_mouseenable is set to 0.

Start GMOD single player game and then in console type these two commands:
cl_mouselook 1
cl_mouseenable 1

Also make sure your mouse sensitivity is not set to 0. If this won’t help you could try reverting all options back to defaults.

If even that won’t help I’d consider deleting Steam\steamapps\YourName*garrysmod* folder.

Okay, I’ll try those.

EDIT: It works again! Thanks!