Mouse problem in Gmod

Hi all, I just installed Gmod on my swanky new laptop, and I’m having some trouble with my mouse movements. Whenever I bring the spawn menu up, my mouse will refuse to move properly. It will move for a bit, then stop, forcing me to constantly close and open the spawn menu to get to what I want. This is seriously annoying me, especially since I have the raw input setting on as well, and not even that helped. Is there any way to fix this?

it is happening to me to and I can not click anything in the spawn menu.

PalmCheck may kick in causing the problem. It disables the mouse movement as long as something is pressed and held on keyboard disallowing accidental movements by placing hand on touchpad while typing. Solution: Get external USB mouse(best solution) or disable PalmCheck in Touchpad properties(if you’re not able to buy yourself usb mouse). Go to Control Panel>>Mouse>>Device settings>>select touchpad(and turn it on if it’s disabled)>>settings>>ACM Technology>>Palmcheck>>set slider to off. This applies to synaptics touchpad driver(most likely seen on laptops)

I don’t have a USB mouse but thank you for the tip. If Gmod ever starts working for me again (it can’t even boot up atm) I’ll disable that.

Update- even disabled it didn’t work. What the flying fuck.

Your best solution would probably be to get a USB mouse. Gmod will be really difficult with a trackpad anyway

Fact- I never use my laptop on hard surfaces when I’m in my room- so a mouse is out of the question. The way I see it it’s a bug that should be fixed.

On the desktop does your cursor stop moving if you press a key on the keyboard?

Nope. Works fine.

But not in-game.

just click f3 while hold q :rolleyes: thanks

Why bother bumping? This is from last year and my laptop’s so shit now I can’t run Gmod or TF2, and for me to use the F keys I need to hold down the function button too. TOO MANY BUTTONS just to use my trackpad!