Mouse sensibility.

Is there any way of changing the sensitivity of the mouse for Rust? The Windows menu changes only the UI sensibility, but not the guns and other stuff.

FYI it is Sensitivity.

You just aren’t sensible enough.
Also I don’t think so.

ahahah sorry, my english is from movies and tv series. Nobody knows a way to change it? I see some streamers with clearly less sensitivity, maybe it’s their mouse?

Mice aren’t sensible in general, they’re referred to as rodents for a reason.

English from movies & games. Educational internet at its best.
Maybe you can manually change your windows/osx/tux cursor settings?

steams change their sensitivity in windows and change the dpi of their mouse to get a slower moving mouse

just change it in settings and keep settings up, so when you are done, just change it back

also, in the options menu when you find it, it SHOULD be in it

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Stop breaking balls with the sensibility thing :3 I’m dying here!

I’m not sure which menu are you referring to J!NX. The ‘start-control panel-mouse’ menu allows you to change the sensitivity of the UI, but not the sensitivity of the aim of weapons. I’ve just downloaded a couple of programs to change it, but they have the same results as the Windows menu. Am i screwed here untill they make an ingame option for it? Might there be a command ingame?