Mouse sensitivity problem

hey guys ;D
since i played on a strange server my mouse sensitivity goes crazy…
its only in-game,not in the menu and only in G-mod
i searched on many sites to find the problem…
you are my last hope :smiley:
btw you can add me at steam if you want :smiley:
its Philipp10101 too like here ;D

I think you can change mouse sensitivity in Garry’s Mod options, I’m not sure of the console command for it

i already tried the sensitivity 0 and clicked all boxes randomly and its still spinning around and around and around…

The first step to solving a problem is to actually try to do it. Isn’t like in those movies, where some guy slaps a keyboard for 4 seconds and hacks the CIA, you should actually READ the options you are selecting, otherwise we are all wasting our time.