Mouse sensitivity too high in Hammer/Source games.

Hello everyone. I’m having a really, really weird issue with my Hammer and Source games in general. My mouse sensitivity in all Source games is very high even if I set it below 1. Raw input solves the problem, but the thing is, the issue persists in Hammer. I have checked all configs I could find, googled it a few times, updated my mouse drivers, restored the system etc. and the issue is still there. Have any of you encoutered this problem? If so, how did you solve it? Thanks in advance.

Could it be that you need to get a new mouse?

No, this problem didn’t exist before with the same mouse.

Bump. Need help.

does anything change if you alter the mouse speed in windows control panel ??

do you mean high sensitivity when using mouselook navigation, or in the entire application itself? either way theres not any sensitivty related settings for mouselook in your 3d view that i know of, mostly just camera speed & acceleration

I mean high sensitivity when using mouselook navigation.