Is MOUSE_WHEEL broken again? Since when using “input.IsMouseDown(MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN)” it always returns false.

If its broken, how could I know if a player has scrolled the mouse wheel up/down?

I’m not sure if this still works or not, but at one point you could use **[Vgui.GetWorldPanel](** which gets the main panel all panels are a child of and could add a OnMouseWheeled function. It used to call the scrolled events. This needed the mouse to be visible and active, however.

I’m not really using this for a panel, just need the time when any of those two are active, you sure there isn’t any way to do this?

You could always do it the hacky way and do a invnext and invprev bind check.


Hm, that kinda sucks, guess theres no other way until gary fixes it, thanks.