"Move along, citizens."



NWO in progress?

Looks good, arty for ye.

What did you do to your shadows

Thems is some blue eyes.
I’m kinda curious what several of them are looking at.

theres porn on the wall

Oh, then I see why they don’t want to move any further.


Really nice but take your time and fix the aliasing.


I wasn’t trying to be funny nor dumb, what are you doing

The blur is kinda messed up but otherwise it’s amazing.

Kinda reminds me of WotW

Blur is a bit ugly, but, I guess it’s good.

i want this map : D

That’s hl2’s train station.

with scenebuilding

And porn on the walls evidently.

Good work, i really like it!

im not sure if its intended as an easter egg but the focus on that old guy makes it funny



i thot it was a video, becouse of the TV icon

Look’s like a malnourished Hide the pain harold. :v: