Move assets from Source1?

Will it be possible to move maps models and etc. created for Garrys modand other Source games, into S&Box?

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You can already load a bunch of assets with the current source 2 tools without much hassle. I also expect s&box to just load them natively.

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Part of me doesn’t want to see a tool that can do this. Most of the assets from Garry’s Mod are extremely old, it’d be nice to move on to something more modern.


Ideally you’d be able to write an importer for Source formats if native support isn’t included.
The only thing that wouldn’t be supported (and shouldn’t be anyway) is importing Lua code.

I get what you mean, it’ll be a shame if people just treated s&box like gmod 2, it’s basically something entirely different.

I’m seeing a trend with people just wanting the same old gamemodes remade in s&box and not much creativity for anything new. (Also the performance and quality of ‘popular’ gmod maps is not always the best, even for source 1)

This is true though. Most Source/Garry’s Mod assets are dated. Most texture maps won’t translate nicely from Source to Source 2 and the models will be out of place as they are relative low polycount in comparison. Porting maps would be nice but with the advances available via the new Hammer and Source 2 in general, it’d be a shame to just reuse old assets and not make new ones

Yes, it’s true. But it’s nice to see old models, and your Hammer1 maps in S&Box:)

I’m not against some of the older game modes coming onto S&box but that cant be just copying assets over and remaking it exactly how it was.

I very much agree with you that we need to change things up and with a complete new engine we have greater tools and possibility to make larger, more exciting changes to what Garry’s Mod offered.

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Yes, and its not good. There must be some creativity, but, as I said, it’s nice to play old maps and gamemodes in S&Box

You can always decide to be that one crazy person to write a lua environment running in c# so you can natively load gmod addons :wink:. You know someone’s going to make it, considering the community’s current fixation…

You make a good point, it feels like the entire community is planning on just shifting over to a modern version of the game they’re already playing. It won’t surprise me to see the gamemode list look exactly the same on release.

I feel that it’s far more worth everyone’s time to think about what they’re going do with “a clean slate” instead of preparing to rewrite DarkRP or whatever. There’s no point releasing a new game if everyone is going to produce the same content and play the same shite.

This is worrying, as if this does happen, how will new ideas get noticed? I feel that FP really needs to consider how we can prevent a “drag and drop” scenario from occurring.

I get that people like the idea of the servers they play on currently, and want to see them in higher framerates, better graphics and so on. But it needs to be fair for others who want to be creative with the game and start something new.

Yeah, there’s my dump of thoughts and concerns :slight_smile:


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