Move my steam, possible?


My steamapp folder is 18.3GB (19,631,293,472 bytes) and I can’t copy that. What now?

Go on the Steam Support site, there’s a solution there.



There’s really only one way to move it.

It’s simple and easy though. If someone has problems doing it, they’re outright stupid.

mastersrp I dontplay 24-7 like I’m sureByou do, I spend my life outdoors instead ofinfront of the computer, so I’m not good with them. Next time go trolling to someone else.

Thanks DJ-J3, it helped a lot.

My god man, talk about an over-reaction.

He wasn’t even talking about you. :colbert:

Oh and btw: Does this work for making copies of a Steam installation?

He was calling me stupid because I couldn’t do it.

Also, the topic is unsolved -_-

Solution: Don’t copy all 18 GB and only copy across what you need
Solution2: Copy across all 18GB and wait it out.

What is all that 1GB file crap when you first go into “steamapps” its all like .gcf files, I had never seen files so big :o

That’s the game content that is downloaded from Steam. Basically, the core game components (Materials, maps, models) that come as standard with each game.

Ok, another thing:

In my willsmith190 account file, theres things like tf2 and counterstrike, games I don’t have. Inside those files, are models and stuff, but not code… What is with this? Do I need it?

Ask yourself “Do I need this?” and then your question has been answered.

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Well I want to know, is it something I downloaded from garrysmod, that if I delete, will just have to come back? Also, what about the 1.8GB file “team_fortress_2_materials.gcf” that’s taking 45 minutes to copy?

If you didn’t put it there, then it was created automatically.

try to copy over the folders inside etc first so it will copy over, maybe your HD is too small and it won’t fit go to My Control Panel then go to C: and right click and hit properties and tell us what it says in the pi chart.

And if I delete it?
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I have no idea what you just said…

Go inside, copy one folder into it, then another, like parts.

I just waited it through it’s done…