Move-That-Mouse Dark RP Public Beta!

I am Madrockon!
I am actually Madrock off steam but that name was taken :slight_smile:

Recently I set up a server with a friend.
And i am in partnership with a site called Move That Mouse.
Thus Move That Mouse RP was born :wink:

The features are:
Kind Admin’s
Good prop limit.
Low Ping
And the following jobs:

Gun Dealer
Civil Protection
Mob Boss.
Drug Dealer (Working Now.)
Bartender (Working Now)
Security Guard.
And all of the rest of STANDERED RP jobs.
This server is in BETA so look out for any bugs and tell me about them ;).
Map: RP_downtown_v2
Dark RP 2.4.1
Servers IP :

Another DarkDM.

Lol What do you mean by that?
Dark Death mach?

It’s just another darkdm make something good instead of a dm fest

EDIT: how the he’ll do you have a beta for a script you didn’t make?

Well this server is in beta NOT the Dark RP Script.
Dont be nasty it won’t get you far.
And plus it is not a Death Match Fest.
I don’t tolerate RDMING on my server.

That’s what they all say :smug:

Well this is different I get VERY annoyed with RDMERS so they are either kicked or banned instantly.

It’s pretty much like every other DarkRP server, but I kind of miss DarkRP. Where’s the server located?

MISS? You can’t miss that gamemode. It’s all the same!

Your not on 24/7

UK in London I think

Good, I’ll join!


Weird, I get a message that the server is running a older version of the game.

Oh okay I will update now.


Done :slight_smile:

Alright, I’ll join :unsmith: .

Remember little boys and girls, always update your servers!

Lol Yeah :wink:

Joined, noone was on apart from the admins, but they were friendly and non-abusive. Server has a good amount of addons. Joining again tomorrow!

I really dont like wire :X