Movement is totally fucked up.

As the subject says, Garry fucked up whole movement system in update with noclip.

Here is the list of fuckups I noticed on any server, with any mods or addons:

  1. High tickrates (>66) = total fuckup. Prediction does not work, movement does not work, jumping does not work…

  2. Client gets stuck in some surfaces and walls. Error on client/server is “client stuck in object 0”. Enter “developer 1” into console and try some CS:S custom (i.e. surf) maps. This produces spazzing and laggy movement near walls and on some surfaces, making some maps totally unplayable.

  3. Client can’t jump when running up a slope. This was “fixed” in some update before, but that actually made it worse. This makes unplayable all maps where you need to jump on slopes like that.

  4. CMoveData:SetVelocity seems to be fucked up if player is touching anything.

Old noclip was fine, and there was no need for fucking up whole movement system.

Yes, it’s all right. Especially prediction errors on CSS maps - those maps is almost unplayable. In other source games those maps works fine without any prediction errors, so this is 100% gmod problem.

Another movement related bug I know of is weapon holster getting called when player noclips into a nonsolid world area.

I can also confirm the above ones except number 4 which I haven’t tested myself.

Also, you can use cl_showerror 1 to see prediction errors(there is so cool spam of them on css maps)

cl_showerror 2 will just spam console with movement-related errors.
And noclip prediction errors when noclipping into wall with high ping/loss are not so noticeable, but they still exist.