Movement lag on online servers

Specs: E8400, 8800GT, 4GB ram
Now when i play in online games I get this movement lag, it’s only when I’m moving. Framerate and ping are both fine. (30-100fps, 50-150ms) Also, for some reason when i hold tab to show the player list the game smooths out.
Gmod has always run fine online and I can’t think of anything I changed besides installing L4D2 and Fraps between now and when it worked.
Removing all addons
Disabling Kaspersky

Okay, type in net_graph 3 and post the image.

It’s still present, but it seemed worse with more people than 2 on the server.

Very odd, the only way I could explain why this is happening is loss and choke were bouncing like a jack russel fucking TERIER.

Very clueless.

it also lags a shitload when walking and firing an automatic weapon
all other source games work fine
but i hadn’t played gmod for a while before i started it up today and found this shit

Could there be some sort of problem with the data rate, like it can’t get enough bandwidth?