Movement problem

Hey been having a small but really annoying problem recently… when I move around, pressing WASD, it regularly happens that i begin continuously strafing to the left or the right without actually having pressed the A or D key at all. The result is my guy moving around in circles while my hand is completely off the keyboard and Im screaming in frustration. The way to stop it, I’ve discovered, is to tap whatever key it is that’s acting like its being pressed, but then I just walk around for a little bit and - vroom! I’m scurrying off to the left or the right again. It’s no major problem, but it’s annoying as hell. Anyone else having this problem, and in that case do you know how to fix it? It seems to be happening for all my other source games as well.

Oh and im running vista :frowning: not sure if that applies

Hey helloworld,

I had the same problem 1 year ago (old PC) , but I’m not absolutely sure how i solved it, but here are things that i remember i did, i hope one of it helps:

Set the W,A,S,D to other buttons and then save. After i restarted the game i gave them W,A,S,D back… (I think thats not it, i wanted to mention it anyway… you could change that in the config file too i guess)

The other thing i tryed was setting the priority of the Task higher than normal (you can also try “realtime”) , becourse i thought that the PC had after some seconds a milisecond where it doesnt care about gerrys mod, so it still thinks your D Key is still pressed… in programming languages you have to use a command like LM_RELEASE to release a key… so yeah well i thought that the PC missed that
(Sorry for the bad description, i didnt know how to say that in english…)

And another thing is, that it could be from TAB+Alt to (change focus on process) another window…

Hm, I should mention that I was using Windows XP, not Vista, but you can try that…