Movement speed suggestion

I feel like everyone should be walking / running in different speeds, because lets face it if you chase someone who has 2 yards on you it will be an endless chasing game until someone lags or gives up.
For example : Kevlar make people move slower, leather armor a bit faster

  • Amount of stuff you have in inventory , obv more stuff slower you are.
    -Armor you’re wearing

Now I am not saying that that there should be a dramatic change so some people will be running in crawling speed and others flying, but just enough change so there will be different factors during a chase.

Another suggestion is when you hit someone in the legs they move slower or if you hit them in the arm they reload/ swap weapons slower.

I never give up in a chase. :dance:

Good suggestion, it would give people a reason to travel light-- and if you pulled off a successful raid you might think twice about packing out everything. You might decide to leave the stone and rad suits behind.

I was just thinking the same thing earlier today in regards to moving slower when taking damage to the legs. To go even further, if you get damaged in one leg, you should be unable to sprint. If you take damage to both legs, you should only be able to crawl like when you break your legs.

And limiting how fast you are based on how much you’re carrying and what you’re wearing is genius. No way should full kevlars be as fast as a guy completely naked.

Items should weigh different. Not empty inv is light and full inv is heavy. What if you had a full inventory of paper vs a full inventory of stones

Agree… implementing some sort of weight system would be great. And I’ve seen the heavy armor = slower movement suggestion a few times and I really like it.

There really should be some kind of disadvantage for wearing full kevlar, carrying an M4, shotgun, and rifle, along with a stack of 250 medkits. Because right now, that makes you damn near invincible.

  • I like it