Movement speed

So far we have crouch, sprint and walk. I really think the game needs a prone and a crouch/run

I think the prone part is nice, but crouch running? What. You don’t realize how stupid and amazing that’d look. Lol.

You can do the fucking duck walk :v: (I guess it doesn't take the time tag, hop on over to 1:07 in for related funnies.)

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All kidding aside, I would love to see a prone. You could hide in tall grass from people or get the drop on your kill :v: that would be awesome.

lol the crouch at the moment is fine but it’s just a bit too slow. Also I really want it so you don’t have to hold down the key to remain crouched.

Yeah, a toggle for crouch would be great as an option in the menu.

Unless someone turned off the grass in the console, then you’re just a body lying in a field.

Oh yeah, good point :v: Well, I am sure there can be some sorta workaround there.

(rant incoming) I’d argue that crouch-run is outright essential for semirealistic survival PVP.

Movement in these games is all about balancing visibility, noise, speed, and information. Sprinting costs you visibility, noise, and some information for increased speed. Crouching costs you speed for less visibility. Crouch-walking costs you speed and information for less visibility and noise. Standing out of cover costs you visibility for increased information and no noise. The movement model is a tactical toolset, and so it should provide as many ways to combine those tools without creating an overpowered ability set. The lack of a crouch-run combination is unnecessary.

Consider Splinter Cell. Standing and crouching provide two different baselines for noise, speed, and visibility - and both llow for a full range of speeds between sneaking and running with their own unique costs and benefits. Running while standing is the fastest, but the most visible and the noisiest. Crouch-running is less noisy, but noisier than stand-walking, and while it makes you less visible in comparison to stand-running, it’s also slower.

This differentiation is actually more significant to Rust than it is to Splinter Cell, given the limitations of AI. AI opponents don’t use silhouettes and they don’t use real triangulation/parallax to determine the location of someone they can’t see based on sound. They’re just triggers, node-based patrol paths, and an algorithm. In Rust, it’s all different. Being able to move quickly while also keeping your silhouette out of the skyline can mean the difference between life and death - but by the same token, being able to hear where the enemy is and knowing that his crouch-run is slower than your standing sprint can secure you the kill.

Basically, not being able to crouch-run limits players unnecessarily, because it adds to the complexity of the game without breaking it or making it unbalanced. It’s also something real soldiers and operatives do in real life situations for the same reasons I want to do it in Rust, although that alone isn’t a good argument for or against anything in a videogame.

Also, crouch toggle should definitely be an option (especially since so many keyboards can max out at 3-key or even 2-key rollover with some WSAD configs), and a full toggle-based stand/crouch/prone model would be ideal.

You have had an account here since '07 and this was your first post? :v: what took you so long? Also, I completely agree with this.

LOL, no I posted a bit when Garry’s Mod first came out, but I lost interest after a while and I guess there must have been a wipe or data loss since then. Unless it was all a dream… :v:

It was all a dream, now go back to sleep… :zoid:

an auto walk key would be great, i dislike having to use a macro on my razer keyboard just to mimic W being held down for the long runs across a lot of space

and if wishes were horses, a faster mode of travel behind the sprint we have in game.

True but you can use it when hiding in the mountains.

The map isn’t anywhere near large enough for any faster mode of transport. Maybe a dirt bike of some sort but I’m not sure I think it would ruin the game.

Being able to hide in the tall grass as prone to get away from the Kevlar dickheads would be cool.

and a toggle for walk/run as well

So much discussion over classically established movement mechanics…

Rework it:

Normal movement is walking.

Caps lock toggles run.

Holding Shift is also running.

Holding Ctrl is crouch-walk, very silent and very slow.

Holding Shift together with Ctrl, or having Caps Lock on with Ctrl, is a faster and louder crouching (fast-crouching), a bit slower than walking but quieter, instead of footsteps there’s ‘whooshes’.

Holding Alt while walking is sneaking. As quiet as crouch-walk, but you’re in the standing position and you move a tad faster than in the crouch-walk, but slower than fast-crouch.