movement [w] + [a] or [d] ..slower movement

Using the strafe keys while running forward cause player movement to be slower, its not the character movement I’m used to in a fps.

You can get technical about why it is like that now, but what it really boils down to me is that there is no more fucking point in using the strafe keys while running forward.

And I don’t remember playing an fps game used such a retarded movement system anyone got a list of other fps games with this shit movement system so I can avoid them… its certainly not the something I can enjoy, its quite frankly shit.

While I don’t think it’s perfect yet, the reason they changed it was because in a melee fight, it quickly became impossible to kill someone who didn’t want to be killed. They could just run forever, strafing however they needed to and you could never run faster. So yeah it can be annoying to deal with but once you get used to it, it’s not so bad.

wow that is why it was changed? game getting more shit time everytime I check back on it. Is there any good design ever going back into this trainwreck of a game.

lets not design decent fun game mechanics.