Movetype_custom and PhysicsSimulate

I can use PhysicsSimulate fine to modify an object’s velocity, but I do not want this effect added ontop of the default physics. This is why MOVETYPE_CUSTOM exists. The problem is that when I use movetype_custom, nothing I do makes my entity move. The physics object is indeed woken, and the motion controller is started; the only difference is the use of movetype_custom.

function ENT:PhysicsSimulate(phys,deltatime)
local angforce,linforce = Vector(0,0,0),Vector(0,0,0)
linforce = self:GetAngles():Forward()*1000
return angforce,linforce,SIM_GLOBAL_FORCE --i’ve also tried SIM_LOCAL_FORCE and both variations of _ACCELERATION

I’ve googled to see how other people used physicssimulate and came across this thread. I tried his code as well, and my entity does not move any, so please be sure to test any old code you have to see if it still works.

Is PhysicsSimulate with MOVETYPE_CUSTOM (and no usage of shadow control) broken, or is there something new I need to be doing to make it work?

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