Movie crew. signup Gmod

a long long time ago me and few friends made a crew it has been 7 years since we have given up that crew. now we feel ready. this crew is going to start making movies in June ounce we can situate ourselves.
this post is for 2 reason
we are trying to decide what movies you guys like to watch so we can decide what to make. like zombie movies, action, funny etc. etc.
the signup is for a lot of spaces we will need.
cameraman,actors,extras,people who can use wire mod, special effects artist, editor, and scripting (screen play). voice.
the rules to join are. if your wanting to be a cameraman you must have fraps (real version) if you are editor seeker you must have any type of editing system. payed for.
and if you would like to be an actor you can be also be voice. must have Mic. to signup just reply with your steam ID and a little about why should be picked for what you would like to be.

I think this belongs there ^
Also if you go for a funny movie don’t just flail ragdolls about and drop props on them, make something original

If you want a good crew, I suggest showing some of your good work.

If you show me some decent work. I might join, I have a microphone, I have fraps, I have some wire knowledge and I can build decently if I have certain tools.

I’d like to participate.

If you show me some legit work I could be a good actor (not voice) and maybe builder.

Have a box.

im in il do an actor and voice if needed (i have a northern irish accent and can do an other accents. so i can sometimes be hard to understand to normall poeple who aint from NI

I’ll join. I’m not the best at garry’s mod but I can be an actor or a cameraman

Previous work show now

Hello. I would like to be in your movie crew because :

• I have experience in editing in after effects + vegas
• I have the full licenced version of fraps
• I have a very decent computer
• I like making videos

My SteamID is in the pm I sent you.
I could be an editor. But I will only join on the following conditions :
• I am not the best cameraman, so I would not like to be a main cameraman. I would like to be an irregular cameraman. If have no cameramen or the main one is not online, I will be the cameraman.

• You expect editing similar to previous work of mine. I used to have 60 videos or so, but I removed most of them due to being a small lack of quality. I now have 5. Newer video = Better.

My Channel

If you would like to test me, I am free to be a cameraman and an actor. (As stated previously) And you can send me a clip to edit.

To create the editing test on my channel, It took about 4.5 hours including render time. Mainly because I was messing around trying to get a great effect for blur ect.

Expect a 10 min video to take 5 hours for an extremely epic intro that lasts 1 min, and for mid editing expect a lot of work put into it, about 4 hours. And the outro would not take long.

Thanks, Activeellis.

Rate me hearts.

Also, I am skilled at photoshop so I can make logos, banners etc. If you are participating in this group would you please send me a friend request. Also, OP, can you please PM me MSN or Skype (If you have one of them)

Overall : I can be Cameraman, Extra, Special FX artist, Editor and Scripting.


At first I was like :cawg:

Then I realised you were serious :smith:

:slight_smile: Im not exactly serious. I just want to see how this kid works. If he is worthy. :j:
Also, I love you, I subscribed to you.
Also, know any professional movie crews I could join?
Also why did you quote the whole thing?
Also, I think this could have potential, with help by my seriousness.
Also, be :downs: not :smith:
Also rate me <3

Also could you kindly keep your mouth shut?


Ok joining pixar. They accepted me. Im making monsters ink 48.


Also, is it any of your buisness?

Hakita is a gold member. Everything is his business.

I know.

Would you want to be



me i’d like to be an actor. message me :slight_smile: