Movie editor wanted

I’m about to make a movie for school about World War I. The problem is… I need a good movie editor. I need following.

• Slowmotion function
• Old fashioned movie effect
• Some kind of “cutter”, which allows you to make the movie “smaller”.

and you cant do this by yourself, why?

Because I’m extremely tired and totally retarded when it comes to computer stuff.

What the hell. Editing takes commitment, if you are not willing to edit it yourself, what makes you think someone will edit your own video for you?

Misunderstood, I’m going to make it. I’m looking for a program, lol.

Then I recommend Sony Vegas, it can do everything you need, and it’s not too hard to figure out.

Start off with something like windows movie maker. Free and easy for begginers.

Windows movie maker is indeed, free and easy. But it has none of the features you would want, I don’t even think it has multiple audio tracks… But it’s better than nothing.

Its easy, yes, because its incredibly simple.
It also renders horribly.
Windows maker is a NO NO
only good for converting audio formats sometimes.

If its for a school project, go ahead and use any editor, teachers/ and kids in school or ignorant when it comes to film, such as machinma because they lack the idea of what is good and bad.
Much like dasboshitts fans-BURN!

You can do what you want in Windows Movie Maker.

But to edit my movies, I use Sony Vegas 9 Pro

It’s just when import the videos I have filmed, something happens and Movie Maker disappears. It’s not only when I import, it happens randomly.

thats because WMM = Fail
get a trial of sony vegas


Get a, you know… “trial” of Sony Vegas.

I use AVS Video Editor 4. It’s easy and functional. You can cut down movie clips with ease. Add as many sound tracks and effects you want and there is a shitload of effects. Among them old fashion movie effect. Pretty good one to.

Sony Vegas is good to.