Movie Help

hey hey hey I have been trying to produce a gmod machnima, however I’m a noob on the technical aspects of the engine so if a few of my questions could be answered I would enjoy it to a unnecessary extent.

  1. Is there a way to look at your self when using demosmoother, or is the normal camera tool the only way?
  2. Is it possible to use the gravity gun while on camera without the orange lightning obstructing the view?
  3. Is there any easier way to straighten out those freaking rag dolls (or turn npcs into rag dolls status wise)?
  4. I currently have a addon called npc mover , if anyone is familiar with it, can i make way points where the npc would go around a corner?
    Thank You to anyone who reply’s and yes i have searched for answers to these before making a post, wither or not i search well enough is to be determined. Cheers ^^

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Jesus christ stop posting in this section.