Movie Idea/ Would you watch it?

Okay, I got an idea for a movie series last night while trying to find a good Crab Synth NPC. Its gonna be called Endwar. Here’s a rundown.

Endwar is a fan made continuation of the Half Life story, beginning after Episode 2. It is an alternate universe story, and the events have nothing to do with the upcoming Half Life games.

The Combine-Human war is coming to a close. The Advisors betray the Combine for their robotic slaves: Synths, half machine half organic slaves created by the Combine. As Striders and Hunters break away from the Combine, the Rebels see this as a chance to attack the weakened Combine forces at the base. The Combine find themselves leaning toward allying with the Rebels, while some just try to escape from the war. Seeing as the the Combine had enslaved the Vortigaunts, the Vorts begin to leave the Rebellion as the Combine join. Some can begin to trust the Combine, seeing as how they were both used. As the threats of Antlions and Headcrab zombies rise, the Rebellion must end the war before it gets worse.
Gordon is *possibly somewhere else at the moment, but he might turn out being* dead. 
Magnusson is *absolutely*dead.
Barney finds himself as the new head of the Rebellion.
Betrayal is around every corner.
A two-sided war is cut down by threats, while two small groups (Combine and Vortigaunts) may tip the war in favor of the Rebels, if they can win both sides. 

Would you watch it? Is it a good idea? I’m working on the story and the maps for it right now. And don’t criticize me because of my posts or that I haven’t uploaded anything yet, I’ve just been browsing around and recently joined.

Gordon dead? :frown:

Sounds cool. I would watch it, question is can you make it to the cinematic quality I imagine this could have?

The whole “Barney is leader” makes me think of Vae Victis, which I don’t really watch. Also, if it was anything like some of the recent “Machinimas” (The Cube, L4D Farts, etc.) on, don’t count on me watching it.

The reason that Gordon is dead is because most of the Gordon models I’ve seen aren’t really high-res and look blocky. If I can find a good model then things might be different. I’ve never seen Vae Victis (that’s how it’s spelled, right?), I just think that Barney’s a cool character :). And no, It won’t be annoying random crap, it’s going to be a serious series.

And I think it’s funny that Gordon dead got a sad face but not Magnusson.

Kathar’s Gordon isn’t good enough? Also, Vae Victis is about the rebellion focusing on goddamn antlions. Grabbin’ links, one sec.


Here we are:

Magnusson is an old Fart.

I would watch it definetly

Its ‘definetly’ :eng101:
Ontopic: If it has good plot twists, ofcourse.

It will, ofcourse

Gordon can’t die you fool. Super-G-Man will save him, put him in some dark place for safekeeping and then toss him out to fight zombies once more when he sees fit.

Seriously though. Gordon doesn’t need to die. He can just be away on some zombie killing. And you can have him in once or twice, but only showing parts of his body. Never his face, and never let him say a word (like he’s gonna do that anyways).

Killing Gordon is like killing the “Vent loving, zombie killing, crowbar maniac” part of all of us.

You don’t kill off Rambo and make Rambo 5…

There, edited (sorta). Like I said before, I’m still writing it. Everything is subject to change. I just thought Gordon dying would be an interesting turn of events. I also need to figure out a way to incorporate G-Man in there. Maybe something happens to G-Man and he has no input into anything that’s happening, making it impossible for him to defend Gordon or other key figures in his “plan”.

And things don’t have to be like they are in the game exactly, they will be following what we know so far but everything ahead of Ep. 2 is completely imagination.

Stop telling the whole story or it will not be that fun :þ

I would watch it, if it had good cinematic quality. Not extreme like Shelf Life, but more like Vae Victus(Or whatever the hell it’s called).

More like War of the Servers :p.

What about Alyx and Kliener?

They’ll be there.


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I would so watch this!

I would too ^^

I would watch it,sounds cool.